by BERNAMA / pic by TMR FILE

BANK Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Bhd (Bank Rakyat) has asked its customers to plan their banking transactions before its service disruption period from 4 pm on Friday, Oct 9, 2020 until 12 noon on Monday for the upgrading of its system.

Chief executive officer Datuk Rosman Mohamed, in a statement today, said customers do not have to worry as all information related to their savings and financial records at Bank Rakyat will not be affected after the system is upgraded.

“These include money deposited and savings in Bank Rakyat, pension payment, as well as customer monthly salary deduction.

“All Bank Rakyat employees are committed to ensuring that the new system operates well during the implementation of the new system on 12 Oct 2020,” he said.

“The disruption of all banking services is due to the digital transformation process to a new core banking system, CoBRa to upgrade and improve the quality and operation of its banking services.

Among the types of services that cannot be used during the service disruption period include counter services at all Bank Rakyat/Ar-Rahnu branches, internet banking (iRakyat), ibizRakyat, Debit Card-i, and all Bank Rakyat self-service terminals, namely Automatic Teller Machine (ATM), Cash Deposit Machine (CDM), Coin Deposit Machine (CoDM), Cash-In Cash-Out Machine (CICO), and Bank Agent (Rakyat Care).

Bank Rakyat said during the period, customers could still use the Bank Rakyat Credit Card-i service for all transactions for over-the-counter, online, and cash withdrawals at ATMs of other banks with the Mastercard logo.

For more information, customers can contact tele-Rakyat line at 1300-80-5454 or visit the corporate website at and Bank Rakyat’s official social media site @mybankrakyat (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).